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As your lawyer and legal representative, we can perform various functions. As advisor, we provide you with an informed understanding of your legal rights and obligations and will explain the practical implications of any decision. We are your advocate in matters of law, and will zealously assert your position under the rules of the legal adversary system. As negotiator, we will seek a result advantageous to only you and always consistent with requirements of honest dealings with others. As an evaluator, we will act by examining your legal affairs and reporting about them to only you or those you might select.



Our Core services revolve around responsibility. That responsibility is focused upon you, our client. We also have a responsibility to the courts and the legal system itself which include; responsibilities to the institution; and responsibilities to our society at large. Our fundamental point is that our ethical dimensions are inviolable when applying our legal skills and efforts, all the while giving equal attention to—and this must be highlighted,  and integrated with—the significant economic, political, and cultural changes which impact legal institutions, the people while in the system, the institutions, and most especially YOU! We at the Hoelke Law Firm seek to serve you with freedom, fervency and zeal. We're the first and last word when searching for the right lawyer for your legal needs.








There are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury where another party might be legally responsible for that hurt. There are several dimensions to harm. We will quantify those and exert every effort to make you whole once again. We do not charge for any initial consultation and we don't get paid if you do not win.


Whenever it is not possible for the parties in a contract to resolve a question or dispute without resorting to a formal and systematic contract resolution, we can help. Generally, what a dispute is and when it is deemed to have occurred is defined in the contract, often in a dispute resolution clause. Yet, many times it may be contractually unspoken or misapplied in its construction and that is were we step in. Let us define your business/personal relationships.


Let us help you establish a healthy relationship between owner or management to that of labor. It is not just where collective bargaining is in play. Every employer will have that day when employee rights become an important issue.  Nonetheless,  whether it be a handful or thousands of employees, your best practices must include the ability to manage and to protect your own confidentiality and valuable intellectual property. Lets us review your policies and procedures to see if they protect you, your employees or both adequately.






The remedies sought in civil lawsuits are generally limited to monetary damages. You  may have received a notice that you are a party to one or you may want to learn more about the process of litigation and civil lawsuits. Give us a call our first consultation is on the house. Please remember always that any hesitation to respond or initiate an action you might limit your defense or your own ability to recover damages.


Consultation is a meeting with a professional or expert for purposes of gaining information. Many times, as our businesses grow, what may have been a best practice just a decade ago can be an open wound or vulnerable Achilles tendon in today's business world. Have you ever noticed that on-line legal advise is so very cheap? It is well known that the legal advise on-line is seldom sufficient and that is why the work product is usually smaller than the hold- harmless agreement you must sign.  Buyer Beware! Give us a call, we have your back.


The saying  goes, "You can't tell the players without a score card." That is so exceptionally true when dealing with local government appointed and elect officials.  Many a successful business has been thrown upon the rocks of political waste for not knowing who or where to find the proper answer.  Let us bring them to light for you. We also understand that elected and appointed official may not fully understand the full scope of business and governmental  opportunities available in workable partnerships. We are experts in intergovernmental agreements and public private partnerships. Try us!


The Hoelke Law Firm was founded upon the principle that no litigation challenge is too tough, for relentless, devoted attorneys. The firm is designed to adjust to any challenge in our modern multifaceted world. We'll match up to any adversary, and approach any problem with must win mentality and strategy. Our motto is:

“We succeeded only if you succeed”


The Hoelke Law Firm succeeds because we have access to the very best of-counsel out sourced or in-house professionals and para-legals to assist us prevail. Proven professionals, who will battle for their clients in any type of case – civil or criminal, and in any forum – federal, state, county or municipal court or in an administrative law tribunal. We have your back…




A culture is always measured by some standard of value. For lawyers there are standards which at a minimum establish the ethical boundaries within which, we must apply our trade. In the Hoelke Law Firm, we willingly impose upon ourselves, additional standards which support the highest level of representation as a minimum moral and ethical culture. We assure you and your family that the parameters of care are fair, equitable and undertaken only with your best interests at heart.





To provide the best possible legal access to protect and defend, to rebuild lives, a business, and to mend fractured dreams by focusing fully on our clients. By investigating needs, demands, losses, both tangible and intangible, and to protect those we serve without the slightest equivocation, mental reservation, or limitations due to race, color, creed or national origin. Our sole focus is to be the best lawyer in your time of need. Our desire is for you to feel as if we have always been there.




We are available 24/7 via this contact page. The hardest part in any battle of wills is to undertake the first step. We assure you that any step toward us will be most easily undertaken. Remember certain cases have deadlines which begin and end on dates established by law and can affect the outcome of any case. Call or email today.



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The Hoelke Law Firm is an equal opportunity employer and provider of contract legal services. We are at your service.


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